Looking to hire an experienced author / content writer online?

You want to blaze through your industry like a wildfire, and I offer the creative spark that you need.

Do you want me to write you something so unforgettable and earth-shattering that it feels like an alien wrote it? I’ve spent years studying how the rules go so that I know just when to smash them into sparkling trails of scrap metal and get them out of the way. Incidentally, that’s my favorite thing to do.
. . . Oh. Bit much?

Fair enough: I can pull myself together and write delightfully professional and high-quality content for a wide variety of applications, including your business’ website or blog–with a tasteful glimmer of creativity to keep your audience interested, of course.

I’m an innovative, published author and sci-fi/fantasy writer with a meticulous eye for detail and a ravenous desire for new challenges. My background in graphic design and academic English has complemented over nine years of real-world experience to hone my technical and interpersonal skills, empowering me to enhance your branding with the fresh edge it needs.

See for yourself:

When it comes down to it, I can write just about anything from hard sci-fi novellas and gaming lore to professional blog posts and whitepaper articles. I guarantee that, no matter what you hire me for, you’ll get a well-researched and creative end product.

After working with clients all around the globe, I’ve learned how to communicate effectively and streamline the creative process. I’ll cut right to the core objective, build a compelling outline, and conduct efficient research to write high-caliber content with a solid foundation.