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My love of creativity compelled me to major in English when I started college and continued to serve me well when I got an additional degree in graphic design.

When I’m not writing my own novel or spending my spare time in the woods, I’m working to challenge and develop my artistic abilities. When a change of pace is in order, I like to recharge with a good gaming or yoga session.

Memorable Feedback on my Writing:

“The world-building was great! So many cool ideas!”
Raymond, writer and programmer

“I knew you were going to add some kind of horrible twist, but I didn’t think it would be that.”
Ginny, local author

“It made me feel like my soul was going down a drain in the floor of a morgue.”
Erica, author

Whether you want a weird creative piece that will cause people to drop similar comments to these or a professional blog post that will elicit totally different reactions, I’d love to hear more!