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About the Wizard Behind the Cardboard Stage:

My name is Desmond. I started drawing, writing, reading, making music, and wandering around in the woods as a little kid and never stopped.

Despite my utter lack of charisma and my persistent inability to write emails that don’t sound like they came from a broken AI, I’ve spent years working with various clients from around the world on art and writing projects. I even had an art exhibit and reception at a local library which, to my surprise, people actually attended. My work has also been selected for online publications such as Novel Noctule and Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag. I’ve started doing Podcast stuff, too, but that’s still in the works.

After earning college degrees in English and graphic design, I’ve focused on using creativity to explore the weirdness of the universe, existence, chaos, and magick. Now I’m working on [too many] projects, including my sci-fi novel, a Tarot deck, and an experimental album. I’m also the Associate Editor / Designer / Illustrator at Starward Shadows Quarterly eZine.

When I get sick of making things I like cooking, stretching, or messing around in Mordor, Ald’ruhn, Apocrypha, and various Oblivion Gates.

Memorable Feedback on my Writing:

“The world-building was great! So many cool ideas!”
Raymond, writer and programmer

“I knew you were going to add some kind of horrible twist, but I didn’t think it would be that.”
Ginny, local author

“It made me feel like my soul was going down a drain in the floor of a morgue.”
Erica, author

Whether you want a weird creative piece that will cause people to drop similar comments to these or a professional blog post that will elicit totally different reactions, I’d love to hear more!