Blog/Article Content

If you need a blog writer to deliver a reliable stream of engaging posts or “listicles,” then you’re in luck:

I’ve written enough blog posts over the years to have a thorough understanding of how to engage your readers with well-researched information and an approachable tone. Each new piece will deliver fresh, appealing content to keep your audience coming back for more!

I’ve also worked with a broad enough variety of subject matter that I can advise you or your team on what type of brand voice would be most effective for your target audience: So, if you need something more along the lines of “consultation with a reliable plan and advanced blog writing,” just contact me.

Other topics I have a special knack for include:

  • Interior and exterior design
  • Musical tutorials and equipment reviews
  • Organization, de-cluttering, and space management
  • B2B/B2C/Whitepaper [Depending on the field–think topics like retail production lines, marketing, and SaaS.]
  • Shopping guides
  • Customer-oriented product blogs
  • Gardening, landscaping, and horticulture
  • Email newsletter content

Blog formats that I’m highly experienced and comfortable with include descriptive lists, buyer’s guides, and how-to articles.