Creative Writing

My favorite creative writing areas are:

  • Sci-fi/speculative fiction
  • Horror/Surreal/Experimental
  • Fantasy and folklore-based

I’ve written lore for tabletop and mobile games, worldbuilding pieces, and personal novellas for clients.

Don’t worry: I can handle longer pieces, too, provided we’re working with a reasonable timeline. I’m currently writing my own sword-meets-spaceship mess of a novel, alongside co-writing a hard sci-fi novel with one of my long term clients.

And I can do even more.

In case you were wondering: When it comes to intense characters, strange concepts, and graphic content, I’m extremely open-minded. Again, just shoot me a message and ask if you’re unsure about anything.

Sci-fi and Fantasy:

When you’re looking to hire a creative writer, you want someone who will respect your vision as if it were their own. You want an author with the technical ability to enhance your ideas and the creativity that it takes to give them a passionate voice.

I love the challenge of translating someone’s most creative concepts into written works. I treat each client’s request with respect and care because I know how intense it can be to share a part of yourself with the world.

Whether I’m working with you on a personal piece or a video game narrative, you can rest assured that I’ll deliver excellent results.